Do you remember the time your baby teeth started falling out? Most likely it was both an exciting and slightly terrifying time. Maybe you managed to do it with the help of your parents or your local dentist.

But now you have your own kids and the whole process looks different. You want to make it as seamless as possible for your child - and with good reason.

If you don't have time to talk at length with a pediatric orthodontist about this, read further and get prepared for handling the whole baby teeth situation like a pro.

How Soon Should You Prepare

The age of six is when you notice more independence and awareness in your child than ever.

local dentist

It's also the time teeth start falling off and you know your little one is starting to grow up.

First, the incisors will be looser. Loosening happens as the new adult teeth start to grow, thus making baby teeth roots needing to be reabsorbed. Having no roots to cling on to, baby teeth start dangling around.

The best scenario is when loose teeth fall by themselves or as a result of kids pressing their gums or their tongue against the tooth.

When this is not the case, though, there are measures you can take.

The Right Steps

Generally, you can help your child get rid of baby teeth by taking a soft cloth and twisting the tooth a little. In the event it shows resistance and your child feels pain, you know the tooth is not ready to be pulled out.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Apply an analgesic on the gums - allow it a few moments to show its effects.
  • Gently move the tooth back and forth.
  • When you feel it's just hanging by a thread, pull the teeth out.
  • Press the area with a clean pad.
  • Don't forget to distract your kid - focus on the event as an achievement, so as to cast away anxiety. Also, take the time to show them the tooth and discuss its anatomy - make it educational.
  • Check the gum after the bleeding stops.

One detail a local dentist wants you to know is you should let the kid take the lead.

They're the ones who can best assess how much pain they feel and extract the tooth at the right moment.

Local Dentist Advice - Dealing with Complications

Your kids getting their permanent teeth is most often an uncomplicated event, but if you want to be extra cautious, try to:

  • Apply pressure to the gum to prevent too much bleeding.
  • Examine the gum for parts of teeth fragments that may have been stuck inside. For this procedure, an appointment with your local dentist is advisable.
  • Examine the gum the next day. If it's red and/or painful, an infection may have occurred - but this is very unlikely.

Don't forget to emphasize the "growing up" aspect of the whole situation and try to make it as least stressful as possible

You can always rely on your local dentist for further advice.

At Kids Happy Teeth, your child will be one of the many kids who enjoy dentist appointments. Book an appointment now or contact us.

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