Regular visits to the dentist should be a part of every child's life.

Introducing your kid to pediatric dentistry early on will put your child on a pathway of a lifetime of excellent oral health. However, most children don't enjoy the thought of going to the dentist from the get-go.

We're also sure nobody enjoys kicking and screaming much either.

Want to get your youngster from under the covers and into the practitioner's chair without too much of a fuss? You'll find some helpful tips below.

How to Survive the First Pediatric Dentistry Checkup

Don't worry, we're exaggerating for effect. You won't have much work to do when you take your child to the dental office for the first time.

pediatric dentistry

This first visit is more or less a chance for your kid(s) and the practitioner to get to know each other. Establishing trust from the beginning is very important.

Now, some children can't stand to be without their parents anywhere, especially when they are in a new place. It's understandable. And now their little teeth are hurting!

If this is the case, you may have to comfort them while the dentist does a routine check-up. Otherwise, you should let them have some quality time together and use the waiting room.

Never - and We Mean Never - Use Bribery to Convince the Kids

Do you know what bribery means to a child? That something bad is about to happen, and that you need to offer them a reward to make up for their sufferance.

That's not what they should think of pediatric dentistry. Instead, tell them how much fun they will have at the office.

The best way to do this is to use their overactive imagination to your advantage:

  • The dentist's chair is now a spaceman's cockpit that goes up, down, back, and forth.
  • Play pretend dentist at home (of course, no mention of drills). Tell your children they are going to see a real dentist soon enough.
  • Don't get into too many details. The children have no prior experience of dental visits, so you might end up causing more confusion.

Now, all of these tips will prepare your child for the pediatric dentistry visit. But the problem also lies with the parents.

Your youngster can probably sense if you're anxious. Or even that you're lying just to convince them. Just keep the next point in mind.

Remember the Practitioner Has Dealt with Many Kids Before

Your child is not the first, nor the last one to come through the dental office door.

We've dealt with many anxious little patients over the years, and they've always come out of our office with a bright smile on their faces.

The truth is: if you want your children to get over their anxiety, you need to get over yours. This isn't your child's SAT test, it's just a dental exam, one of many to come.

Do you feel you need more tips on how to prepare them for the visit? Have a look at this article too. On the other hand, the information in this piece might have clicked with you.

If you're feeling prepared, give us a call at (678) 352-1090 or use this form and schedule an appointment today!

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