Dental Insurance Plans Part I: The Choice is Yours

By July 27, 2015 Knowledge Center

By Vishant Nath DMD

Sometimes it may seem that your dental insurance company makes the decisions for you regarding the dental health of you and your family. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Before enrolling in any insurance plan, you need to become educated about the choices and coverages that are offered by any prospective insurance company. This article will offer some tips to help you to develop a productive relationship with your dental insurance company, so that the decisions you make regarding your child’s dental health might be heard.

As you would expect, not all dental insurance companies are the same. The most important differences can be seen in the services they cover, the amount they pay toward these services, and whether or not you can choose which dentist you would like to see. Some insurance companies do not allow for you to choose a pediatric dentist for your child. Or they may require you to first take your child to a general dentist to get a referral to a pediatric dentist. An insurance plan that allows you to choose a pediatric dentist for your child, without a referral, offers the most options to you to optimize your child’s dental health. Pediatric dentists are primary care providers, as recognized by the American Dental Association. It is in your best interest to do your research and know what services the plan does and does not cover before you enroll.

In a perfect world, your plan would cover all of the procedures that you need, with minimal co-pay by you. But if you are unhappy with your dental plan its important to know that you have options. You may have found the perfect dentist for you, your spouse, and one of your children. But perhaps you have another child that needs the attention, atmosphere and expertise offered by a pediatric dentist. If this is the case, you can select a pediatric dentist for that child. The out-of-pocket expense should be well worth it to ensure that everyone in your family maintains the highest level of dental health care. Always be aware of any changes to the insurance plans offered by your employer, especially during the annual re-enrollment period. Also, if you are unhappy with all of the plans offered by your employer, speak to your human resource department. You may find that you are not the only person dissatisfied.

Information is the key to making sure that you choose the best insurance plan for you. Choosing the plan that’s best for you and your family is a big step towards keeping your family’s teeth healthy!

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