Post-op Instructions For Space Maintainer

By July 24, 2015 October 19th, 2018 Knowledge Center, Post Op
  • The Space Maintainer that your child has had placed today is cemented onto the tooth with a dental cement that contains fluoride.
  • This cement takes about 12 hours to achieve its final set. A soft diet for the rest of the day is suggested.
  • Space Maintainers may come off if your child eats sticky candies, chewing gum, lollipops, etc. Please avoid these as long as your child has any Space Maintainers on his/her teeth.
  • It is not unusual for the gum tissue around the Space Maintainer to be red, and or irritated for several days. Salt-water rinses can be used. Baby anbesol can be applied around the gum line also.
  • Brush the area Gently today, thereafter you may resume normal brushing and flossing.
  • Should a Space Maintainer become loose, please remove it and contact the office. This is not an emergency.
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