The best orthodontist is the one able to inspire trust and a sense of tranquility.

But going beyond this rather subjective criterion, parents should look at how orthodontists do their job.

Since this is difficult to do, an idea would be to be aware of how braces are attached and then ask the orthodontist for details.

The Standard Steps to Follow

When putting braces on, orthodontist procedures imply two stages: the placement and the bonding.

The steps your kids' orthodontist will follow are:

  • teeth polishing with a non-flavored paste
  • application of a cheek retractor - it enables a dry field to operate on and a better visualization of the teeth
  • air-drying the teeth
  • placing a conditioner (bond enhancer) on the teeth for 30 seconds

"After the conditioner is rinsed and replaced, the teeth are dried so as to be ready for the primer", states Indigo Orthodontics. Orthodontic primer is necessary for better bonding, albeit not all dentists use it.

The next step is bonding cement application, immediately followed by fixing the braces directly onto the cement.

The best orthodontist will perform this step with the utmost exactness and then remove the excess cement.

Once this step is completed, the wires will be ready for application. The final touches are:

  • merging the brackets with Halogen or UV lights - it takes around 15 seconds for each bracket
  • removing the cheek retractor

The whole process takes up to two hours, depending on the time necessary to position the braces.

The best orthodontist should warn you about the aftermath of the procedure. It takes a little bit of time for the lips and cheeks to recover from being dry.

For a few minutes, your kid will feel extreme dryness inside the oral cavity, but this is just temporary (up to six hours).

A dry field is necessary in order for the orthodontist to operate on clean enamel. Despite being water-tolerant, primers and conditioners can alter their adhesive qualities if the teeth are not completely dry.

That's why orthodontists have to ensure the driest medium possible.

Additional Aspects Considered by the Best Orthodontist

As with lots of other professional fields, not all specialists agree on every point.

With orthodontics and braces, there is an element many include. We're talking about the bands (or rings) on the back molars. They are employed as an additional measure for strengthening braces.

Current bonding materials provide enough effectiveness. However, many orthodontists still opt for molar bands.

Another aspect good orthodontists pay attention to is having a preliminary appointment. There, they will apply a material which retains the exact form of your teeth.

X-rays after each appointment are also a must-have.

Orthodontists will consider the aesthetic part and comply with the patient’s wish to apply colorful rubber bands (or ligatures) onto the braces. After all, your kid's smile is an orthodontist's main goal.

Our local orthodontists are happy to welcome your kids and help them go through the easiest process possible.

We know how important it is to provide quality, assurance, and a warm atmosphere.

So, if you want to count on us with the best outcome you can contact us here.

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  • I like how you mentioned that orthodontists consider the aesthetic aspects of getting braces. Instead of being scared of the procedure, my son’s concern is to make the colors involved in the procedure to be as neutral as possible. He thinks that any bright color would stand out too much.

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