Pediatric dentistry can be a huge mystery for some, especially first-time parents. Taking your child to the dentist is already stressful enough. Do you have to think of everything?

This is why we've compiled a list of questions parents ask us all the time. Why should you worry when others have already done it for you?

Read on to find out the answers to the most frequent questions we've been hearing.

1. Is My Child Old Enough to Go to the Dentist?

The short answer is: Yes! As soon as your child's first tooth has sprouted, you can get them in for a consultation.

This is to make sure your baby is teething properly. Pediatric dentistry identifies the root of any problem before it gets serious.

You can also use this occasion to receive advice about your child's diet and behaviors that could harm their teeth. These practices include:

  • Thumb and finger sucking, or pacifier use
  • Incorrect brushing methods
  • Whether you're using the proper toothbrush and toothpaste

pediatric dentistry

2. What Are Some Common Problems Pediatric Dentistry Can Solve?

Prevention is the best solution to any tooth problem. But not everyone has the proper tooth care techniques. That is where pediatric dentistry comes into play.

A lot of parents only look at the surface of the child's teeth as a way to check if they're healthy. This is wrong for many reasons, including:

  • Teeth can feature invisible fissures and cavities that can only be seen with the proper tools
  • Similarly, cavities and fissures can form in between teeth due to incorrect flossing (or no flossing at all)
  • Parents don't consider the effects juice and sweet food have on teeth

A dentist is also fit to tell you whether your child suffers from any gum diseases or not.

3. Does My Child Need Orthodontics?

Most of the time, proper brushing and flossing are all that is needed to keep teeth healthy. In particular cases, teeth can grow improperly and can affect the others.

Let's say your kid's tooth is growing over another one. As soon as the problem is identified, your dentist can recommend a proper orthodontic treatment. Leaving the tooth unchecked could lead to many expenses later on.

This is why it is important your child comes into contact with pediatric dentistry from an early age.

It also creates a sense of trust between the dentist and the children if treatment is ever needed.

4. How Effective Are the Techniques?

Pretty effective, we'd say. Technology has advanced immensely in the last years. Dentists haven't been left behind.

Besides, pediatric dentists deal with a wide variety of children - all with different personalities. They know how to handle difficult children and how to use storytelling to get them interested - or at least calm enough to get to work.

5. Any Other Aspects I Should Be Aware of?

Yes, make sure to use proper toothpaste. Don't just give in to the catchiest toothpaste advertisement on TV or the Internet.

The American Dental Association recommends you use fluoridated toothpaste to get the best effect - especially since there are cities that are avoiding fluoride use in their water supplies.

In any case, there could be so much more to talk about. These five questions just needed to be addressed.

Need more information about your child's dental care? Contact us today and schedule an appointment!

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  • Thanks for explaining that pediatric dentists are important because parents don’t realize the effects of sweet foods on their children’s teeth. My daughter will be old enough to go to a dentist soon. You helped me see why finding a pediatric dentistry would be a smart move.

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