To My Teenage Patients

A bright smile fresh breath – that’s what a healthy mouth means. It also means you can talk and laugh with confidence.

Here are facts, ideas and tips on keeping a healthy smile in your teenage years.

What We Offer For Teens

Teen Waiting Rooms

We offer separate waiting rooms for teenagers in all our offices.

Private Suites

Don’t be shy to ask for a “Private Suite” for routine checkups and cleanings. We know you like your privacy.

During Procedures

For procedures we have always used “Private Suites” for all patients.

Just for You

We do offer custom made athletic mouthguards, nightguards if your jaw hurts in the mornings, and custom made whitening trays.

What You Need To Know about Your Dental Health


You have not outgrown tooth decay. In fact, dental decay may be more of a problem for you during the teen years than it ever has been before.


Gum disease (gingivitis) is a risk to your dental health. It is also a threat to your appearance. Gum disease causes red and swollen gums, bleeding gums and bad breath.


You will have all your permanent teeth with the possible exception of your wisdom teeth (third molars). During these growing years, your face and jaws will undergo many changes.

You can be healthy and attractive through these changes by taking good care of your teeth and visiting your pediatric dentist.

How Your Pediatric Dentist Can Help

There are many things a pediatric dentist can do to help assure your oral health for a lifetime. Preventive dentistry techniques such as tooth cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments are just as important as ever for you. Tips on flossing and brushing, and ideas on snacking and choosing a healthy diet, are available to you from your pediatric dentist and staff as well.

Your pediatric dentist will be glad to talk to you about how your teeth look. If you feel your teeth are too dark, there are techniques now to whiten them. If you have broken teeth, teeth with defects or spaces between your teeth, there are a number of esthetic dentistry techniques to help you look better.

If you are concerned about your bite, crooked teeth or the appearance of your smile, your pediatric dentist can give you advice about correcting such problems.

During your teen years, your wisdom teeth (third molars) will be developing. Although some third molars come into the mouth normally, others need to be removed because of poor position and lack of space. Your pediatric dentist will make sure the proper treatment is prescribed at the right time.

Dentistry for adolescents and teens is a fundamental part of the advanced training of the pediatric dentist. Your dental health and appearance are as important to you and your pediatric dentist. Let us keep your smile sparkling and healthy.

Dentistry for teens is a part of the advanced education of the pediatric dentist.

Our doctors have been trained to deal with behavior, to restore and guide teeth, and to teach preventive dental health care with your teen in mind.

When they have followed your child from early youth into the teen years, they will also change the approach to your child’s own special needs in a sensitive, caring, and professional manner.

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