Post-op Instructions For Extractions

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After an extraction, the main concern is to stop the bleeding from the extraction site. The most effective technique is to have the child bite tightly on a piece of gauze for15 to 30 minutes. If your child is too young or unable to do this, hold the gauze tightly over the site with your clean finger for the same length of time. Even after long pressure the extraction site may bleed slightly for several hours or even stop then start again. The blood will mix with saliva and look much worse than it really is. Further pressure will usually solve problem.

Normally only slight discomfort will be experienced after an extraction unless the child bites his/her tongue or cheek while numb. If some pain is present, we suggest Tylenol in the appropriate dosage for the weight of your child.

Your child may drink as soon as the bleeding stops. It is best to avoid eating until the numbness wears off (usually 1-11/2 hours). It is very important to WATCH YOUR CHILD while he/she is numb so they do not accidentally bite their lip and or tongue. Crunchy foods (peanuts, pretzels, potato chips) should be avoided the first day or tow. A soft diet of pudding, soup, noodles or yogurt is appropriate. Rinsing, spitting, or drinking through a straw is not advisable the first day.

If you have questions, PLEASE ASK one of the clinical staff.

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