Oral Hygiene of Composites (White Fillings)

By July 24, 2015 October 19th, 2018 Knowledge Center, Post Op

It has been recommended that your child have a composite filling placed. Composite is a white, or tooth colored filling.

Composites rely on EXCELLENT oral hygiene (cleanliness of the teeth) for longevity, durability, and esthetics (looks) Plaque build up on these teeth will reduce the success rate of your child’s fillings(s). It will also contribute to secondary decay, risking the survival rate of the tooth by new decay growing closer or into the pulp or nerve of the tooth.

Children under the age of six require an adult or parent’s help in proper brushing and flossing habits at home. This will help ensure the appearance of your child’s filling(s) and also help to keep the composite intact.

Good eating habits will also contribute to the success of the anterior composite. Biting into chewy, sticky, or hard foods should be avoided at all times. These foods can chip or cause total loss of the filling(s).

Our office policy is to replace a filing that we have previously placed (with in 1 year) if it breaks or fails due to a possible flaw in the material. There will be a charge for a re-placement if your child’s oral hygiene is poor and/or the gingival tissues are not healthy.

Your child’s dental health is our number one goal at Pediatric Dentistry. Please follow these recommendations for your child. A happy, healthy smile encourages your child’s confidence.

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