Teenagers nowadays seem to lack in the self-esteem category. Some of it may stem from a problem with their smile which an orthodontist could correct, no problem.

Now, if only teenagers knew the advantages orthodontics could bring to a smile! There is no question regarding the health benefits of straighter teeth, but teens will not care for those.

Instead, you should make them aware of the attitude their peers will have when they get their movie star smile.

Here's what you can do:

1. Remind Them How Good They'll Feel with a Healthy Smile

At their age, teenagers are self-conscious about how they look and act. In their social groups, they also make fun of each other for the smallest of things.

Imagine how your child must feel if they have a speech impediment because of misaligned teeth.  In fact, the earlier you start their treatment, the better.

Here are signs that your kid could be facing peer pressure because of their condition:

  • They cover their mouths when talking.
  • They don't smile as much, and when they do it feels forced.
  • They don't like having their photos taken because they hate how their smile looks.

A healthy and confident smile can do wonders to improve your child's self-esteem!

2. Have an Orthodontist Tell Them about Clear Braces, Retainers, and Aligners

One qualm of teenagers with having braces or a retainer is that they believe their peers will make fun of them.

Which is true, in a sense. That shouldn't be surprising if kids already experience name-calling because of their dental condition.

What you can do is make them aware of new technologies your orthodontist can apply. Clear teeth aligners, retainers, and braces are common nowadays.

A dentist can consult your child and recommend the proper solution.

The benefit of having an aligner is that they can be removed while eating or brushing. This way, your child won't risk damaging the aligner and tooth hygiene will not become a chore.

3. Don't Forget to Stress the Importance of Dental Healthcare

Let's face it. Teenagers can be lazy in all matters, not just oral hygiene. It is just in their nature as they are growing up.

Dental irregularities coupled with this laziness could lead them to stop brushing altogether.

You don't need a dentist to tell you what will happen if you don't brush your teeth.

If your child is annoyed at his or her condition, a visit to a local orthodontist like Sky Orthodontics can help them out.

Here are the most common irregularities that affect teenagers nowadays:

  • Tooth misalignment which could lead to difficulties in speaking and eating.
  • Tooth protrusions, crowding or misplacement leading to the same problems as above.
  • Jaw deformities which could result in accidental (and painful) cheek biting.
  • Irritating (for parents at least!) grinding and clenching of teeth.

Your adolescent should be aware of their problems.

If the above issues are ignored, they could mean some massive expenses later on. Call us and we can find a convenient solution for you and your child!

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