Choosing the Right Dentist For Your Child

By July 27, 2015 Knowledge Center

By Vishant Nath DMD

Choosing a pediatric dentist for your child can be a difficult task. Preparing for the first dental visit for a child is oftentimes much more stressful for the parents than for the child. Parents may have preconceived notions about what their child will experience. This is especially true if the parent does not have very nice memories of their own dental visits as a child. This article will provide some tips on how to go about choosing a pediatric dentist.

Of course the first thing that a parent has to do in preparation for the first dental visit for their child is to select a dentist. This is probably the most difficult step. Word of mouth recommendations are a good place to start. Begin by asking some friends and neighbors whom you trust. Don’t just ask to whom they take their child, but ask detailed questions about why they like a particular practice or dentist. Also, decide if you have specific requirements in mind. If you have dental insurance, another good way to get a list of potential dentists is to look on-line at your insurance directory. This is especially helpful if you know that you only want to go to a dentist within your network. But remember that, especially within the field of dentistry, some practices will accept your insurance plan’s fees, even if they don’t sign up to be an in-network provider. So if a friend highly recommends a dentist, but they are not in your insurance directory, it’s a good idea to call the office anyway to see if something like this can be worked out. Or you can find out what your cost would be to go to them as an out-of-network provider.

Once you have narrowed your selection down through one of these methods, do some pre-work on your own. Oftentimes you can get more information about what a particular practice has to offer by checking out their website. This should provide details about what the dentist and practice have to offer. If you are still unsure about your choice, call the offices to find out when would be a good time to stop by and take a look around.

Taking these steps can make the process of choosing a dentist for your child go smoothly. In the end, it’s a choice that can make a big difference in the life of your child by starting them on the right path to having a healthy smile for life.

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